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Drakenstein Olives and Drakenstein Olive Oil ... the wholesome gift from the fertile soil of the sun drenched Drakenstein Valley, the home of our range of superior quality products. There is no other food that can rival the olive for its role in cultures throughout history. The olive tree is revered as sacred and immortal; its branches symbolize peace; its fruit regarded noble food, and its oil signifies prosperity, purity and has been an essential element in religious ritual across cultures.
Our olive oil is of the highest quality and processed from hand picked olives at the ideal ripeness to ensure best flavours and aromas. Drakenstein Olive Oil is Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed (under 30°C). The natural free-fatty acid is below 0.8% and it is 100% cholesterol free, which decreases the risk of heart diseases.
Extra Virgin olive oil has a high quantity of Vitamin E and is therefore a natural anti-oxidant.

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